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Launch: 12 May 2023, Offprint Londen, Tate Modern
Through a correspondence add in Jeune Afrique magazine, Ilse Cardoen connected with Elhadji Sall, and they started writing each other letters. In the summer of 1986 she visited Elhadji and his family in Quartier Kebe Der in Guediaway Dakar, Senegal.

Ilse and her son Kwabena asked me to create a book from her personal archive. Delighted to work with this beautiful archive, I chose to use the semi-analog Riso printing technique to recapture the vivid memories present in the photographs. We sadly found out that Elhadji Sall passed away in July 2022. This book is a tribute to him and everyone who gave Ilse Cardoen the ‘Teranga’ of Senegal.

Photo’s Ilse Cardoen

Art direction, Editing, Design and Riso printing
Mirelle van Tulder

A collaboration between
Kwabena Appiah-Nti & Mirelle van Tulder

Published by
Roots to Fruits

Print run

27 x 37 cm (48 pages)

Available at:
Foam Editions
Tenderbooks (sold out)
Ilse Cardoen
Werkplaats Typografie

Le Soleil has been nominated by the Instituto Moreira Salles and was exhibited during the 2023 Photo Book Festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

©Mirelle van Tulder
Chief Tropical Officer