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Roots to Fruits is an independent publisher of artists’ books and artists’ writings. Based in Amsterdam since 2019, it facilitates intergenerational and decolonial dialogue by publishing overlooked archival material, making unknown works available to new and expanded audiences.

Roots to Fruits is committed to challenge and discuss the power dynamics and constructions of disciplinary boundaries such as graphic design, art history, anthropology and photography.

Roots to Fruits magazine dedicates itself to exploring the role that a single form of music or sonic practice plays in migration, culture and resistance.

All publications are designed, printed, and bound by myself, in different locations and without financing, which requires a lot of time and effort. That is why I am urgently looking for a place where my printing and publishing company can grow. If you have any tips, please contact me.

For distribution within Europe, and other inquiries please contact

For distribution in UK/worldwide please contact Public Knowledge Books


Printed Matter, Inc. (New York)
Brooklyn Museum (New York)
Legacy Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY)
Wendy’s Subway (Brooklyn, NY)
Ergot Records (New York)
For Keeps Books (Atlanta)
Inga Books (Chicago)

Tenderbooks (London)
Tate Modern (London)
Errant Books (London)
magCulture (London)
Cafe OTO (London)
London Centre for Book Arts
Rova Editions (Bristol)
Good Press (Glasgow)
Magalleria (Bath)

Rush Hour (Amsterdam)
San Serriffe (Amsterdam)
Foam Editions (Amsterdam)
Framer Framed (Amsterdam)
Athenaeum (Amsterdam)
Terry Bleu (Amsterdam)
Waaghals Records (Arnhem/Nijmegen)
Walter Books (Amsterdam)
Kiosk (Rotterdam)
Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem)

HKW (Berlin)
Hopscotch (Berlin)

Matéria Prima (Porto)

Tambourine (Madrid)
Terranova (Barcelona)
Sitio (Barcelona)

Librairie 1909 (Paris)

IMS Paulista (São Paulo)

Dikan Center (Accra)

Perimeter Books (Melbourne)
Mirelle van Tulder (1988 Brazilian/Dutch born in Aotearoa) is the founder of Roots to Fruits. She holds a Master's Degree in Art and Design from Werkplaats Typografie (2021-2023). Mirelle was a research associate at the Research Center for Material Culture, National Museum of World Cultures (2021-2023), and has worked as an image researcher for MacGuffin Magazine from 2019-2023 (The Desk, The Rug, The Bottle, The Chain). Mirelle is the current Atelier KITLV-Framer Framed Artist in Residence (2024-2025).

“Mirelle’s way of working is a delight to witness. On the one hand, she has the ability to dig deep into archives, intuitively grasping the political and social dimension of these historical artifacts. On the other hand, she has the talent to immediately translate this archival knowledge into a bold and urgent graphic language – producing zines and newspapers, playfully pushing the archives into the streets (and vice versa). It’s a rare combination of skills”. Danny van den Dungen (Experimental Jetset), 2022.

Ongoing and previous commissioners and residency hosts include: Emergence Magazine (US), National Gallery of Victoria (AU), Foam Amsterdam (NL), Metro54 (NL), MacGuffin Magazine (NL), Tubelight (NL), Archival Textures (NL) Buro Stedelijk (NL), Disarming Design From Palestine (PS)

Roots to Fruits has attended: Ghent Art Book Fair, 7–8 May 2022, Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair, 13–16 October 2022, Offprint London, 12–14 May 2023, Melbourne Art Book Fair, 19 May 2023, Keti Koti, Museumplein Amsterdam, 1 July 2023, Miss Read Berlin 22–24 September 2023

Roots to Fruits is supported by Me, Myself and I.

©Mirelle van Tulder
Chief Tropical Officer