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Mirelle van Tulder is the founder of Roots to Fruits. She is an artist, designer, and research associate at the Research Center for Material Culture (National Museum of World Cultures, Amsterdam). Mirelle has the ability to dig deep into archives, intuitively grasping the political and social dimension of these historical artifacts. She immediately translates this archival knowledge into a bold and urgent graphic language – publishing books and magazines, playfully pushing the archives into the streets (and vice versa).

With cultural heritage at the center of her projects, she creates poetic interventions that confront the violent histories of European museums, its multiplicity in postcolonial identity, and the ongoing discourse about displacement, and belonging.

Mirelle has been working as an image researcher for MacGuffin Magazine since 2019 (The Desk, The Rug, The Bottle, The Chain). She is currently a participant at Werkplaats Typografie (MA in Fine Art and Design).
©Mirelle van Tulder
Chief Tropical Officer