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hidden histories

Self Published, 2021
ISSUES magazine challenges the understanding of common knowledge and collective memory by telling stories that remain unseen or have been ignored within public institutions and society, offering a chance to create a new visual memory that can provide inspiration and alternative routes.

ISSUES started as a graduation project in 2019, when I was studying graphic design at the University of the Arts, Utrecht. The word ‘issues’ means two things: it stands for problems, but it’s also another word for publications. 'ISSUES' seemed like an appropriate title for a series of publications in which I link personal experiences and associations to global crises. Each week during my graduation I published an issue, the six issues each have their own theme/title. The Chapters in each issue derive from the descriptions in the dictionary. The ISSUES logo originated from a fascination with phonetic spelling used in The Penguin All English Dictionary (1970), that I bought for 1 euro from the book market at the University’s Library.

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©Mirelle van Tulder
Chief Tropical Officer