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The Dutch Pavilion at The 1939 New York World’s Fair
A little supplement from Roots to Fruits specially made on the occasion of the participation of the Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair, 2022.

In 1939 New York City hosted the World’s Fair, drawing huge crowds to a former Queens dumping ground transformed into Flushing Meadow Corona Park. After a decade of great depression, the fair’s theme of “Building the World of Tomorrow” was to be a celebration of humanity’s progress and welcome for the dawn of a new era of peace, progress, and freedom. But not every country was on the same page about what tomorrow would look like.

Caption as used in the archive of the Tropenmuseum (Wereldmuseum):
Dolls from the collection of the Tropenmuseum in the Dutch pavilion at The New York World’s Fair that represent various Surinamese cultural groups on the market on Paramaribo’s ‘Waterkant’. (04/30/1939 - 10/31/1939)

©Mirelle van Tulder
Chief Tropical Officer